My inner child stole my phone

I allocated this post as an “excuse for a party” before starting, because this is a tricky tricky tricky thing to write and I figured posting it would be an excuse for a party, if nothing else! I’d deserve it. A “personal talk” party!

The last couple of days have seen a lot of changes to how we organise things at work (ourselves, projects, time). This is amazing and I love it.

One of the things we’re going to knuckle down on is our dedication to quick communication; i.e. phone calls.

Phone calls terrify me.

My inner two year old throws a tantrum when I have to make one and will think up any excuse to avoid it, like: too much effort, there’ll be hard questions, I’ll say something stupid, I’m wasting/interrupting their time.

Effort? Poor excuse…

Hard questions? Sometimes, but proper communication also stops problems before they become hard questions! Easy phone calls early avoids hard phone calls later.

Saying something stupid? Hasn’t happened yet… I don’t think.

Wasting/interrupting their time? That’s their stuff. I need an answer, they gave me their number, I’m allowed to call.

Ok two year old… are those fair enough answers? (She pouts but knows I’m right.)

(Credit to Havi Brooks for the personification idea – and lots of others.)

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